Cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job”, is performed to change the shape and appearance of the nose. It can be a purely cosmetic (aesthetic) procedure or may be required to improve the function (breathing) of the nose as well, when it may be combined with a septoplasty (septorhinoplasty).

Joanne trained with leaders in the field of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery in London and has advanced fellowship training in this area.

When considering a rhinoplasty it is important that both the patient and surgeon are comfortable with each other, and have a good understanding of the expectations and aims of surgery, as well as the likely outcomes and risks.

If you wish to explore rhinoplasty surgery, please let our reception staff know and they will book a longer initial consultation, when photographs will be taken and a full discussion can occur. Image manipulation technology may be used during the consultation. If surgery is planned, a second preoperative consultation is often a good idea, to allow any specific concerns to be addressed and to ensure that you are happy with the plan.

External Anatomy of the Nose